Wandered-off to Malapascua Island last Feb 2013…

Malapascua Island
White-powder sand that feels so nice walking barefoot along the shoreline,
Warm kiss of the sun as it rise and sets,
The good laughs with family around,
The sound of waves that reaches the shore,
The warm feel when you dip your body in the clear waters,
The Bob Marley songs played as background music,
The fresh scent of ocean breeze;

Malapascua Island

Couldn’t help but for some moment, closed-eyed with silent songs of praise filled in my heart and soul.

Moments and Impact…

There are moments that leaves an enormous impact in our lives. So great that it could change our points of view.
Change our attitude. Change our behavior. Change our feelings about some things. Change our lifestyle. Change our thoughts. Change our ways. In short, change our lives.

There are sweet and bitter moments, both are essential for our growth. Both could nourish our soul to become better or both could relinquish our soul and become bitter. It’s all up to us how to handle such circumstances.

Each day we have our moments… So it is important to fully live in the present moment. Scrutinize our past and learn from it. Stop worrying and start living. They say if you keep on worrying on what could go wrong in the future, you’ll miss on what could go right. Worrying could waste your energy. So don’t worry and trust your inner light, trust your intuition, trust the Creator of the Universe.

This feeling…

This feeling again.
This feeling of nothingness and uncertainty. Not sure what to do. Not even sure what to write.
But I am writing for the sake of sharing this feeling, wishing that it would somehow ease the nothingness.

It’s around 2pm and from the dusty window on my right, I could see the sun shines so brightly up in the blue sky. I’m still at work but with no work to do. Yes, no work. I mean, I am not given a task yet. Or maybe I assumed I don’t have a task, when there are really a lot of things to do– the untold tasks. Well, if I’m that responsible enough, I would have studied on some things early on to improve myself, so that when the tasks will be given, I could have at least a little knowledge on what and how to do.

But I guess my motivations isn’t that firm. But I’m trying alright?

And then for some point, while staring into the wall of nothingness, I found myself overflowing with some questions and some thoughts; What do I really want with my life? What does my inner voice is trying to tell me? Am I too deaf not to hear what it’s telling me? Or I am too blind not to see what it’s trying to show me. I have read somewhere that we must live our lives to the fullest, of course we should. Otherwise, it would mean we have not really live at all. How? Joseph Campbell once said, “follow your bliss.” To others, it would mean doing the things that you are so passionate about, the thing that you don’t get tired doing, the thing that makes you unnoticed the time. In other words, the thing that you love to do for the rest of your life because it’s what makes you feel so alive… (Breathe and pause for a moment.)

And then shout, YEAH! I am alive today! For now, that’s what’s more important. I am not giving up on living my life to the fullest. Someday, I’ll read this again with a contented smile on my face and tell myself “yeah, I went to that phase of my life.. I was a little clueless back then.” But from now on, I should always remember this quote that says, “Seize your day, make your lives extraordinary.” This lifetime is fleeting, so it’s good to save some heartwarming and heart-smiling memories in our soul forever.